July 12, 2017 – New Saving Abel bass player Scott Wilson has released a statement to debunk rumors and to publicly addressed the reasons behind his departure from his former band Tantric.

He writes, “There has been some untruths and speculation circling about my departure from Tantric. To clarify, I made the decision to leave, as did the rest of the band. This was not a spur of the moment decision, but a culmination of years of erratic and profoundly unprofessional behavior from other members of the band, and a lack of forward momentum and opportunities.

“When I brought in my dear friend Bryan Bonds formerly of Florida Georgia Line, I felt maybe the band could have a fresh start. We had written a ton of amazing songs, which we recorded and started to copulate an album. I still believe in those songs, however there were many, many situations within the band I could no longer overlook.

“I didn’t sign up to join a one-man band, and while I wish the best to Tantric in their future endeavors, I have much more artistically to look forward to, including writing an amazing new album with Saving Abel (Who I began writing with prior to my exit from Tantric) that we are looking forward to recording, and staying busy with many studio and Production endeavors.”